Raghu / Kethu

Character Rahu (north node)
Consort Simhi
Color Dark Blue
Gender Associated Male
Element Air
God Nirriti
Pratyadi Devataa Durga
Metal Lead
Gemstone Hessonite
Body Part Head
Food Urad (bean)
Direction South West
Day Saturday
Tone (Svara)
Symbol rahu_symbol


Tirunageswaram, This vast temple known for its shrine to Rahu, one of the nine celestial bodies in the Navagraha. A legend has it that the mythological serpents Adiseshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan worshipped Shiva here. Legend also has it that King Nala worshipped Shiva here as in Thirunallar. Rahu is instrumental in strengthening one’s power and converting even an enemy into a friend. He is ruled by Goddess Durga. The main deity’s name is Nageshwarar and Ambal’s name is Girigujambikai. She is decorated as a small girl in the Mornings, as young lady in Noons and as lady in evenings.. Here Ragu resides with his wife and everyday, during Rahu kalam, when Milk is poured over Rahu idol, it miraculously changes to blue colour. People having Ragu dosha come here during Rahu kalam and perform Abishekas.


Character Ketu (south node)
Consort Chitralekha
Color Smoky Grey
Gender Associated Neutral
Element Earth
God Ganesha
Pratyadi Devataa Chitragupta
Metal Mercury
Gemstone Cat’s Eye
Body Part Skin
Food Horse gram
Day -Tuesday
Tone (Svara)
Symbol ketu_symbol

Keezhperumpallam, is an ancient Shaivite temple and legend has it that Kethu, the other planetary node of the nine celestial bodies worshipped Shiva here. Rahu and Kethu are associated with legend of the serpent that helped Lord Shiva churn the milky ocean. There is a Shrine dedicated to Kethu in this temple. Ketu brings prosperity to the devotee’s family. He grants good health, wealth, cattle and all round prosperity. He is ruled by Lord Ganesha and Indra. . Those who are affected by Kethu dosha come here for rectification.

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